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All our doughs are made using King Arthur Sir Galahad which is a low gluten bread flour slow fermented, allowing the yeast to break down gluten and natural sugars, creating complex flavors and a highly digestible crust.

All our sauces are made in house and less acidic. We only use the best ingredients we can source and we currently use California Tomatoes from Stanislaus, Organic Bianco DiNapoli and CIAO San Marzano D.O.P from Naples Italy.

We use several kinds of cheese sourced from the best companies, mostly from Wisconsin, shredded or sliced in-house for maximum freshness.

We operate in a small physical location, and that means everything from dough, sauces, cheeses & veggies are prepared daily.

We take pride in keeping it fresh and keeping you healthy & happy, returning for years. That’s our end goal: a long withstanding relationship with you and your family, becoming your neighborhood pizzeria.



SAN DIEGO, Calif. (January 9, 2017) – Passionate about the art of pizza craft, the owners are hands-on, focused on simple and square to tradition, yet not cutting corners to offer the customers a delightful experience. Very enthusiastic and knowledgeable about the subject, the staff is glad to give you a comprehensive tour of the product, as soon as you step into the store, located in Pacific Beach.

The Squares are the baseline and are also known as “Beach Pizza” in the north shore Boston area. Recognized by it’s thin and crisp crust, with generous amounts of signature sweet sauce, premium blend of cheeses and extra toppings of choice.

The second traditional pizza style introduced, dates back to the 1940’s from Detroit. A rectangular pie, thick and fluffy, framed with a border of crisp golden brown cheese, a specialty of choice topped with two “racing stripes” of savory organic tomato sauce; hence its name, “Detroit Red Top”.

How they manage to sell fresh pizza by the slice is their ingenious concept. The pizzas are 80% baked until they are customized with toppings of choice and only then fully baked to the order. Each pre-baked pizza stays out for a maximum of one hour, what’s not sold within this time is frozen, bagged, and sold at a retail discount price. And yet, frozen squares not sold within one

week are donated to San Diego Food Bank. “Give back to the community” is one of the mottos.

The owners grew up in the north shore Boston area, eating beach pizza style. Later worked in the pizza industry with different pizza styles. To further educate themselves about dough crafts, they went to King Arthur Baking School in Vermont and Tony Gemignani’s International School of Pizza in San Francisco, which led them in a one-way direction of no return “Love for Pizza Making”. In researching for location and the best concept for the new restaurant, Pacific beach San Diego became top of the list.

“It simply reproduces the atmosphere we are used to working back home, a beach location, tourist, community-driven locals, young crowds and all that in a beautiful historical building to tie it all to our value for traditional methods to pizza making”. – Says Fred Santos one of the co-founders of Square Pizza Co.

It is new, it is fresh and is just waiting around the corner of Garnet Ave. with Cass St.. Customers who tried are talking about it on social media and writing reviews. Detroiters, Bostonians and San Diegans alike are validating these pizza styles. This small business is already feeling the support and warm welcome from the community.


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